Quality / Environment

Quality Policy

We pursue a holistic strategy to prevent failures (prevention instead of detection), increase customer and employee satisfaction, and promote teamwork and overall company performance through a process-oriented and risk-based approach.

To meet this commitment economically, we plan and optimize our products and processes according to state-of-the-art techniques, ensuring that quality is produced and not just controlled afterwards. This also includes a commitment to the efficient use of resources.

We commit ourselves to meeting applicable requirements, whether they are legal, regulatory, or customer-specific requirements.

Environmental Policy

Economic activities and innovative initiatives often involve interventions in nature. Therefore, our company is committed to complying with relevant environmental protection laws, regulations, and permits.

Furthermore, we are committed to the efficient use of resources such as energy, raw materials, and water.

As part of the global ecological system, we consider our daily actions as contributing to the maintenance of ecological balance.

For this reason, we have implemented a robust environmental management system in accordance with the international standard DIN ISO 14001.

This system drives continuous improvements in environmental performance and protection.

We monitor compliance through regular audits to ensure its effectiveness.

Additionally, we utilize all opportunities to conserve energy and resources, avoid or reduce pollutants, noise emissions, and waste, as well as promote recycling.

Labor Policy

We commit to taking the necessary occupational health and safety measures that influence the safety and health of our employees at work. We continuously review and adjust these measures as needed.

In implementing our labor policy, we consider the requirements of interested parties and the principles of our corporate strategy.

Occupational health and safety are essential to us, and all employees equally work responsibly in the daily implementation and continuous improvement of safety measures.

Ongoing training ensures the awareness of our employees.

Energy management

Our alternative energy management system allows us the best energy usage based on economical and efficient key-figures.

The continuing improvement of efficient energy usage has a special relevance for our company to ensure the required performance values with minimum energy resources.