Quality / Environment

Quality, Environment and safety at work

With our business processes we follow an overall strategy to avoid failures to increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees. With the process oriented approach we support the teamwork in our company.

The focus of our entrepreneurial behavior is to live actively the sense of responsibility against our employees and the environment. With modern methods we improve continuously our products, processes and the environmental protection. To ensure this standard commercially, we plan and optimize state of the art our products and processes so that quality will be produced and not controlled afterwards. This includes also the commitment of stewardship of available resources. Actively we follow all relevant laws, environmental and operational safety regulations.

We ensure to be on the actual level of change and specification requirements by using systematic and continuous information search. We optimize the logistics supply chain and include our customers and suppliers into the product and data supply chain. The main source of success are our employees on all business levels.

Satisfied and motivated employees are the baseline for satisfied customers. Open communication, co-operative management and the integration of the employees into the processes of the company are the base for engagement, reliability, creativity and competences of our employees. To cope with this requirements we offer education and advanced training.

The performance of our employees has to secure the economical success of our company, therefore we deviate business targets and measurable management ratios from our strategy and reach agreements with the respective responsible employees.

Energy management

Our alternative energy management system allows us the best energy usage based on economical and efficient key-figures.

The continuing improvement of efficient energy usage has a special relevance for our company to ensure the required performance values with minimum energy resources.