Quality standards

Our business objectives

  • Safeguard of a sustainable and correct quality for our customers
  • Generating and conservation of attractive workplaces
  • Continuous reduction of environmental impact; compliance with all environmental relevant laws andstandards

To reach this targets we continuously need to keep the company profitable. Only if we are able to generate sustainable profit the baseline is generated to secure the business activities and do further investments.

The pivotal precondition will be high customer satisfaction. We are prepared to reach this goal by producing high-class quality and ensure under all circumstances adherence to schedules and delivery performance together with reliable service levels. Only satisfied customers remain true with the company and allow increasing turnovers and profit.

We’d like to develop further. Therefore we focus especially on a continuous improvement process. Thisconcerns the areas of product quality, production costs, delivery reliability and environment protection. Tokeep and improve our technological standards and production systems on an up to date level will be aprecondition.