SV Denkingen

Jean-Marie Pfaff give a lecture at company Becker.

Jean-Marie Pfaff (left) with managing director Alfred Becker

Since the 80s Jean-Marie Pfaff belongs to the most successful and well known goalkeepers of the world. Pele voted him as one of the best football players of the world (FIFA 100). He played against the top-players of world-football like Diego Maradona, Franz Beckenbauer and Michel Platini. As goalkeeper of FC Bayern München the “Belgische Bayer” won at the side of Rummenigge, Breitner and Matthäus between 1982 and 1988 three times in a row the German Championship at the Bundesliga, two times the German Cup and two times the Supercup. “He was one of us” said Sepp Maier and for Oliver Kahn he was “his model”.

In his home country Belgium but also in the Netherlands he was a TV star with his own show “The Pfaffs”. Jean-Marie Pfaff lectures since several years at company events, conferences, product presentations and at management trainings about the most important success factors of daily sales-, project- and leadermanagement: Teamwork, success, motivation, management, communication but also customer satisfaction and fair-play. Impressive he is able to build a bridge between sport and business. In a workshop at the company Becker Kunststofftechnik he gave a lecture from one of his eleven topics “To get Number 1 and stay number 1 – make customers to fans!”

The friendly and personal relationship from Pfaff to Alfred Becker and his friendly behavior could be felt by company employees, guests and partners of the company Becker during the following guest reception. Relaxed and friendly he answered several questions. An important slogan is for him: “Always stay on theground!”. He would also move again to Munich, as he has a lot of work to do there. Answering the question about Manuel Neuer the national goalkeeper and goalkeeper of Bayern München, he stated: ”He is a very good and still young goalkeeper. But there are also other good keepers”.

Regarding the question who will get European champion, Pfaff would not fix himself on a team. But based on his mind it could be Spain, Germany or France.

Jean-Marie Pfaff former world-class goalkeeper at FC Bayer München completed a goalkeeper training at SV Denkingen with young players. The trainees have been excited about the ex-professional.

Which goalkeeper can tell: I trained with Jean-Marie Pfaff! For each keeper it is a highlight in his career to meet with the world-goalkeeper from the year 1987 and former goalkeeper of FC Bayern. The visit at Denkingen of the former Belgium football professional on the football field was a big event. Players and guests experienced an interesting football day with fantastic weather conditions. Around 5 pm Pfaff arrived at the sports field with his consultants, friends and representatives of the sponsor the company Becker from Hohentengen. After introduction and several autographs the goalkeeper training started with all goal-keepers of the SV Denkingen: from E-youth class goalkeeper Simon Muffler up to the keeper of the first team Ingo Schwägler as well as woman goalkeeper Selina Schiele. Pfaff demonstrated several lessons and demonstrated them by himself. Pfaff seemed to be very well trained.

Afterwards the penalty-tournament started on which 18 teams participated. Clubs like the musicians, the Holzhaudre or also the village-council had fun on this event. Also Jean-Marie Pfaff participated as goalkeeper of the team Becker. The tournament was won by the Zigozzos from Dynamo Bengalo, which was not the most important result. The big audience and participants had a lot of fun, which was initiated by Pfaff with funny show-acts especially when young kids kicked on his goal.

A special event was initiated after the penalty-tournament. Jean-Marie Pfaff gave all women-players of the B-youth class of the SV Denkingen FC Bayern-jerseys, which have been sponsored as well by the company Becker. Also here he acted very friendly.

Jean-Marie Pfaff stood until 10:30 pm at the sport center in Denkingen and thanked Alfred Becker and the youth leader Erwin Frick for the wonderful day. He had a lot of fun. And who will be European champion in respect to Pfaff? “Germany or Spain”, think Pfaff. Of course he hope that Germany will get the cup, his native country Belgium has unfortunately not qualified.