Hohentengen company becomes a premium partner again

Becker Kunststofftechnik expands engagement ausium-Partner

While preparation for the new season in the LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga begins at the handball field, the HBW Balingen-Weilstetten can also announce positive news outside of the parquet. For example, Becker Kunststofftechnik will expand its involvement in sponsoring and, as of the coming 2019/20 season, will once again appear as a premium partner to the Gauls.

The family company from Hohentengen was already active in the 2014/15 to 2017/18 season as a premium sponsor and jersey partner at HBW. As part of the expansion of its engagement as a premium partner, Becker Kunststofftechnik will now return to the football shirts of the Bürkle-Sieben. Founded by managing director Alfred Becker, the company manufactures and develops high-end technical injection-molded parts, covering a broad spectrum of automotive, medical and industrial customers. In addition to the jersey advertising, Becker Kunststofftechnik will also be more present for the spectators in the hall, for example during the match on the LED band and on the hall floor.

"We are very pleased to be back in the top league together with the HBW. As a premium sponsor and longtime jersey partner, we are happy to support the Gauls and thus also the region. We are looking forward to seeing teams like Kiel, Flensburg, Göppingen and Stuttgart in the "Hell Süd", "says company founder Alfred Becker with satisfaction.

HBW CEO Wolfgang Strobel also sees the extension of the partnership as very positive: "We are very happy that Becker Kunststofftechnik continues to support one of our long-term partners and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment."



The player patronage of Matthias Flohr and Lars Friedrich presents Becker Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

Matthias Flohr


Lars Friedrich





Company from Hohentengen remain true even by the downswing

Becker Kunststofftechnik extend partnership


Rear from left: Lars Friedrich, Simen Schønningsen, Markus Stegefelt, Jona Schoch, Tim Nothdurft, Valentin Spohn

Center from left: Christoph Foth, Dr. Wilfried Gfrörer (Mannschaftsarzt), Sascha Ilitsch (Co-Trainer), Jens Bürkle (Trainer), Felix Kuder (Physiotherapeut), Wolfgang Kremer (Physiotherapeut), Tobias Wagner

Front from left: Gregor Thomann, Matthias Flohr, Jannik Hausmann, Marouèn Maggaiz, Tomáš Mrkva, Oddur Grétarsson, Martin Strobel, Sigtryggur Daði Rúnarsson

The HBW Balingen-Weilstetten can count continuously on the partnership of the company Becker Kunststofftechnik from Hohentengen. The medium-sized company, belonging to the top-addresses for technical injection moulding companies, remain true to the „Galliern von der Alb“ even by the sport related downswing. Also in future they will support the HBW as premium-partner and jersey-sponsor. Since years, the company Becker Kunststofftechnik is committed to team-sport activities and since three years at HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. Always ahead the managing director Alfred Becker, who can be met regularly at home matches even as he has a fully booked timetable.

„We are very happy, that with the company Becker Kunststofftechnik an additional sponsor stays on board and supports us on our future way. It is very important for us that our sponsors and we pull together to ensure our target: the direct way back to the first league. That the way into the 2nd league of the handball-national division will be supported by Becker Kunststofftechnik is not usual and shows the commitment from both sides to the project“, says HBW managing director Wolfgang Strobel with happiness about the ongoing partnership.

Since the season 2014/15 the german family-owned company from Hohentengen is a premium partner for the „Gallier von der Alb“. The company develops and produces injection-molding components in high-end quality and supports herewith a broad spectrum on different branches. Amongst others, these are automotive, white goods, electrical-, water flow meter industry, hair design equipment, sanitary, medical, water preparation and machine construction. The 1997 founded company from Alfred Becker supports beside the HBW also the international U19 Yokohama-Cup at Ostrach. „With my personal interest and passion for sports, it is my main target to promote the sport as it is today", Alfred Becker explains his commitment at HBW Balingen-Weilstetten.



HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

The company Becker Kunststofftechnik founded in 1997 is sponsoring the HBW Balingen-Weilstetten in the 2. Handball-Bundesliga (highest German handball league).

With the company Becker Kunststofftechnik the HBW Balingen-Weilstetten is increasing his sponsoring pool. The prosperous company from the village Hohentengen is a new premium partner of the “Gallier von der Alb” (the nick-name of the team) and the Becker company logo will be displayed in future on the front side of the jerseys of the Bundesliga handball team.

The company belongs to the high-class addresses for all technical injection molding parts. The mid-sized showcase company is producing with real fair price levels as well as in-time and in high-end quality. The philosophy of the committed company is quite simple: “We’d like to belong to the best in class. We work hard for and do everything to reach it.” “A philosophy which fits perfectly and mirrors the attributes of the “Gallier von der Alb” one by one”, feels HBW managing director Bernd Karrer confident of a successful partnership.

The company founded by Alfred Becker in 1997 was able to realize the step into the pole-position of high-end injection molding technologies only in a view years. The company follows with its business processes an overall strategy to avoid failures to increase the satisfaction of his customers and employees and supports with the process oriented approach the teamwork inside the company.

Becker, the founder of the company, fares in the same way as others before in the last season. By visiting his first handball Bundesliga match he got infected by the “handball virus”, “I was immediately fascinated starting from the first minute and I got caught from the atmosphere”, Becker describes his first impressions and for himself and his wife Daniela Becker it was a quick decision that they would like to be part of the future of HBW. “That at the end we got a premium partner is a nice development, and we are excited and look forward to a fascinating and successful season”, describes Becker who is pleased about the co-operation with the HBW responsibles.

“The best will be not to get in contact with, if the ball was played”, explains HBW-Coach Markus Gaugisch to his interested audiance, as the ball will be full of resin and everything will stick to it (from left): Jacqueline Becker, Michelle Becker, Alfred Becker, Daniela Becker and rightmost HBW-president Arne Stumpp

Foto: HBW